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accountability software, etc.

I have seen that you list "Covenant Eyes" on your web site. My son found a free accountability software through x3watch. I was wondering if this is just as effective as the "Covenant Eyes" software?

Also, do you need other things along with the accountability software? Or is that sufficient protection?

Thank you for your help!

X3watch is a good free alternative to Covenant Eyes, although Covenant Eyes will give you a much more detailed report of internet activity. X3watch only lists questionable sites, where Covenant Eyes will rate all internet activity on a detailed scale for the accountability partner to see. Try both. Feel free to click on the Covenant Eyes link on the bottom of this page to try a free 30-day trial.

As far as further protection beyond accountability, there are filters available from both Covenant Eyes and XXX Church (SafeEyes software). I would recommend at least the accountability software, and a filter if you think that is necessary. Filters alone are not sufficient protection, in my opinion...too easy to get around.
by michaeldenison, 1 year, 1 month ago

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