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Open up my ears!!!

Hello my name is Pat, I have been through ups and down in porn, sexual addictions, and even to a point of death if you know what I mean. But for the last two years I have come to learn about my condition. I thought I knew Christ at the age of 23 but struggled with my demons for till now. For 5 years I remember about a Fathers Love. Now that I'm 31 I've started to learned that I've been fighting against my Dad "God". Also I've come to a place that He loves me. Open your ears God spoke through His word to me. When I saw this website I said " this has to be the Lord I'm not alone". I've open my eyes and seen the affects of being molested, masterbation, and sex has almost killed me. I said to myself, I don't know what it feels to have a real father, so maybe not understandiing God has been a struggled. Please pray for me I have done some really bad stuff. One thing I do promise is this, I will never give up. I am just one voice typing and now I know I'm not alone.

That is correct! You are not alone! And, I love your attitude. Please do not give up. God will never give up on you, so please do not give up on Him!!! It is more difficult to believe in a Heavenly Father of mercy, grace, unconditional love, and forgiveness when one has not experienced those qualities from an earthly father. But God is still really that way.

God will forgive anything you have done in the past and He will forgive any sins you commit in the future. He will never stop loving and forgiving you.

Please keep a good heart towards God and He will work in you and through you. He will grow you and mature you as you lean on Him. And, He will provide a way of escape for any temptation you face.

Many others do struggle with this issue. But God is bigger than any issue. And like the father of the prodigal son in the Bible, He comes running towards us (sprinting) to forgive us and to welcome us back...his children He loves.

You are one of His children and He now and forever loves YOU!!!
by Rick, 1 year, 2 months ago

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