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To Jacob In The Stories Tab,

Thank you for posting your story. You asked for a reply. We are unable to do that under stories, so I am posting a reply here in hopes that you will find it.

One thing I would recommend is that you identify your triggers (the times and situations where you are most likely to be vulnerable to giving in to this temptation). Identify them and then put a plan in place ahead of time of what to do when you are most vulnerable and when temptation comes. If you wait until you are in the middle of the crisis, failure is much more likely. If you have a plan in place ahead of time to follow, success is much more likely.

Also, it would be wise to find a strong Christian friend that you trust that you can confide in. Someone who you can call when you are feeling weak and who will lift you up and hold you accountable. I realize it can often be difficult to find someone like that, but I will pray that God will lead you to the right person or that God will lead him to you. This is very important!!

I appreciate the fact that even though you sometimes fail, you are still desiring to do what is right. God can and will work with a heart like that. Please do not give up. You are not alone. Many many others struggle in this area, too.

Find strong Christians that you can open up to and ask for help. Put plans in place. You may want to order the Freedom Begins Here Devotional Journal. It is very practical about learning to guard your heart and your mind and about putting plans in place to be able to Biblically navigate through the culture we live in.

Someday, God can even use what you are going through to help bring hope, healing, and deliverance to many other people as you learn and grow in giving all your weaknesses and temptations and failures and defeats to Him. God is very loving and forgiving and will work with a tender and humble heart!

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