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Reply To Krystine

To Krystine in The Stories Tab,

You were so kind as to share your story in the stories section, and you asked for a reply. We do not have a way, without an email address, to reply to stories. So, I am replying here in hopes that you will find and read this.

I would recommend that you find a Christian lady who is mature in her walk with the Lord and that you believe you can trust, and that you share your story and questions with her.

Also, please let me say that it appears you have a very gentle heart towards God. That is a good thing, and that is something God is looking for and that God will use.

Your story may one day be the thing that God uses to bring deliverance to many other women across this land. God can use any circumstance to His glory, good or bad, if we will turn them over to Him.

Please do not let your past determine your future. This struggle will not cause to to never meet the right Christian guy. It actually may prepare you, as you learn to overcome, to be an even better wife.

Transparency, honesty, dependence on God, etc. only make us better communicators, and communication is key in any relationship.

There is hope and there is help for you in your struggle. Please do not give up. As we learn to depend on God for our strength, we draw closer to Him and we open ourselves up for God's very best.

On a practical level, learn what your triggers are that make you surrender to your struggle and put a plan in place ahead of time of what to do when you are most vulnerable. This is where a close friend, mature Christian lady, or what we call an accountability partner comes in. Someone you can trust and ask for wisdom, prayer, and help while we are struggling and before we give in.

The Freedom Begins Here 30 Day Devotional Journal is also an excellent resource to help us to learn to guard our hearts and minds and to put plans in place that will help us to Biblically navigate through the culture we live in.

Also, this is a process. Do not beat yourself up if you fail. Reward your successes. Move forward. Do not give up. Continue to press forward. Never give up on God, because God will never give up on you!!!

You, yes YOU, are very valuable in His eyes. He will not push you down when you struggle. He will lift you up, instead!

This is not everything, of course, but I trust it is a start. Other websites that may be helpful to you as a lady are:

We are praying for you,
Freedom Begins Here

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