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Single Mom needs advice for son

I'm a widow raising 2 kids, one is an eleven yr old son, who's dad died when he was 3. How can I protect him from porn addiction? We go to a great church, he attends a good christian school. I live a happy celibate life, with no desire to remarry. He doesn't have a close relationship with any men though. No one will step up to the plate for him (dysfunction in my family big time). I monitor the internet, and we do not have TV. I'm trying to do my best, but it's been easy so far, I know the teen years are coming. Any advice?

Sounds like you're doing a great job. Find some good books like "Every Young Mans Battle." Read it yourself first. Then let your son read it. My son didn't have a choice. I'm not saying you have to force him, but if he's headed in the right direction, he may already want to read. And this is just one of many books on purity. Knowledge is power, and always keep him in prayer. GOD Bless YOU
by flash, 1 year, 3 weeks ago
It sounds like you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work. As you raise your son, here are some key things to be mindful of:

1. Monitor the internet, but not too much. A child can learn how to hide his tracks easily if he knows he is being watched closely. Also, watching too closely is also a form of parenting that can push many teenagers into rebellious behavior. I have a friend who went too far with drugs, porn and rebellious activities because his parents were so controlling. You don't want them to act out of spite.

2. Provide a good male role model. Encourage him to go out to coffee with the youth pastor, or with another person you trust. A male role model will be key in his development.

3. Be mindful. Most behavior in young boys has a cause behind it. Encourage him to be social, a healthier social life will help him avoid things such as internet pornography. High work ethic, good attitude and a willingness to learn demonstrate a young man on a good path. Anger, pride and pushing away from family members can sometime mean other things.

4. Like flash said, find some good literature, encourage him to read the Bible, but don't force anything. It needs to be a willful expression of his love for God.

5. Pray. The Lord works through a prayerful woman and mothers in ways that amaze me.

6. Love.

Hope this helps!
by Jameson, 1 year, 3 weeks ago
Also, the FBH staff would encourage you to walk through "Father + Son: Talk About Sex" here:

This is a great resource, not only for Fathers, but also for Mothers to walk through with their son. It is fun, informative and will hopefully give your son an idea of what to expect as he grows older and matures.

I would encourage you to review it first, and decide if you believe it is a useful tool. It has a booklet and DVD included.
by Jameson, 1 year, 3 weeks ago

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