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I have been struggling with porn since I was in 5th grade and found my Dad's stash of Playboy magazines. Ever since then I have fought the addiction and tried to overcome it and have failed even more, into more porn, harder and more twisted porn all out of the need for the rush. Last year I was riddled with demons and cheated on my spouse. I need your prayers, and I need forgiveness if there even is any for me.

Lord Jesus, please, please, please forgive me. I know this isn't life and I want out. I want to overcome these demons who hold my brain captive and I am tired of being chained to there sin. Please Lord Jesus if you are willing forgive me, set free and show me how to live for you and truly live, not this sick joke of life that I am stuck in.


Forgiveness is for you and anyone else who really wants it. Remember you can't earn it by acts. But it MUST be sincerely wanted deep within. Freedom is also for you, but as the military says: "Freedom isn't Free". Freedom requires you to WORK and WANT IT more than you want the porn. That's a decision you have to make. Brother, I was an addict for 40 years. I understand! To receive freedom, you must be desperate enough to be willing to CONFESS EVERYTHING. You need a partner. It may be your wife (mine was) or a true man of God you know. If you aren't willing to step up and be a man and admit your sins, you don't stand a chance. Telling a stranger may work, but usually not. There is no accountability with a stranger.
By the way, you may be twisted with demons, but YOU are the one who did the cheating, not the demons. It's so easy to blame Satan for our bad actions and thoughts, but that only goes so far. WE are the sinners. WE choose to sin. I'm sharing what I learned the hard way. God WILL love you and forgive all the way back to wholeness. But He requires YOU to have a WILLING heart, no matter how bad you think it gets. The end IS worth it!
It all started in your mind and that's where you must begin the change. Memorize scripture and quote it to yourself when tempted. Sing worship songs to yourself. Do anything you can to keep your mind on God, NOT on the temptations. If you think on the temptations, you will fall.
"I can do all things through Christ.."
by newman, 2 years, 1 month ago
I hope and pray that you find a support group in your area,preferably SA-Sexaholics Anonymous. It's a very supportive group with sponsors and people you can call for accountability.

In Him,
by jacob77, 2 years, 3 weeks ago

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