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Welcome to the NEW!

Welcome to our new site!!! Wow, we've been working on this thing for ever! (Okay not that long, but it sure seems like it!)

One of the things we realized was that almost all of our materials are video based! On our old site we had a little trouble getting our message across because all you saw of a product was an image. Well, in our best efforts to correct that we decided why not put ALL of our video online? So, we're in the process of doing that. Hours upon hours of footage has been uploaded (and we're uploading more soon!) so that you can get better glimpse of what we're offering.

Aside from that, we wanted to create a safe place for everyone that's become a part of Freedom Begins Here. You'll notice that you can now leave comments on all of our resources, as well as start your own conversations in our community section. We keep telling YOU to start the conversation, but now we're giving you a place to do it!

We'll be adding more features to the site in the near future, but if you have any questions or comments be sure and ask us! We want to know what you're thinking!

Well, that's all... We do hope you enjoy our new site and share it with your friends.

God Bless!

Thank you guys so much for working to bring this addiction out in the open. I have felt many times that I couldn't admit to anyone outside of my 12 step group that I am a porn addict. It felt as if my addiction was dirtier or more perverse than an alcoholics or a narcotic addict. Thank you for working to change that stigma in our culture.
by Mufana, 1 year, 7 months ago
Mufana - Thanks for the encouragement! You're right, there is a stigma among Christians surrounding the struggle with pornography. Because of this, millions of people are struggling in silence. That's one of the things we are trying to change (with your help and everyone else who is a part of the FBH movement).
by brysonmoore, 1 year, 7 months ago
Good job on this new site. I even like the color scheme. Pretty cool! Go! Freedom Begins Here!!!!!
by Rick, 1 year, 6 months ago

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