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Why Freedom Begins Here?

Freedom Begins Here was created in response to countless emails and phone calls from pastors and individuals looking for resources to really help with the problem of pornography and sexual addiction. Not just another book to read or a twelve-step program. Not a band-aid to cover the wound or a pill to mask the pain. We need to begin to shine the light of truth on the darkness by honestly talking about the problem, admitting our weaknesses and failings, and walk together in ruthless accountability.

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Freedom Begins Here: Father+Son: Talk About Sex
Looking for a way to talk to your son about sex? Freedom Begins Here presents a new format of discussion. The Father + Son interactive DVD and Guidebook is a way for fathers to talk openly with their sons about sex. Sadly, 12-17 year olds are the largest consumers of...[more information]
Freedom Begins Here: Church ToolKit
• Hosted by Dr. Gary Smalley
• 3 DVDs and 2 CDs
• Devotional Journal
• Leader's Resource Guide

The Church Toolkit equips churches with the resources needed to recognize and confront pornography and sexual addiction, as well as beginning the journey of recovery for those in need of help.

If you are a pastor...[more information]
Freedom Begins Here: Personal ToolKit
The Personal ToolKit provides a clear strategy for those struggling with sexual temptation to assess their need, find inspiration for change, and develop a means of personal accountability.

Co-hosted by America’s leading marriage expert, Dr. Gary Smalley, and Pastor Ted Cunningham, Freedom Begins Here is filled with relevant, life-changing material. With...[more information]
Freedom Begins Here: Accountability Pack
The Accountability Pack includes:

• Hosted by Dr. Gary Smalley
• DVD & 2 Devotional Journals
• Covenant Eyes CD (30-day trial)
• Exclusive Undo Music Video

Within the Accountability Pack there are 2 Devotional Journals and 1 Personal ToolKit DVD. This pack was designed so that you and a friend can go through the...[more information]
Freedom Begins Here: Small Group Pack

The Small Group Pack includes:
• Small Group Guide
• DVD & 5 Devotional Journals
• Covenant Eyes CD (30-day trial)

The Small Group Guide shows you how to use the Freedom Begins Here material to create a safe place where your group can be challenged and equipped to guard their hearts, flee temptation...[more information]
Freedom Begins Here: Devotional Journal

In these 30 days, you’ll realize that you have choices every minute of every day to focus your thoughts on what is good and right and wholesome, or to let your mind drift back into the swamp of sexual sin. Make the effort. Your family, your friends, your God and...[more information]
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